Friday, March 20, 2020

Slice of Life #20 Challenge Day 20/31: Ukulele Breaks

Slice of Life #20 Challenge Day 20/31: 
Ukulele Breaks

If anything, distance learning has taught me that I have a REALLY difficult time just sitting at a desk (or in my case, kitchen table). I'm cranky when I'm not moving around. I get antsy. 

On Thursday I discovered that one thing that helps is taking tiny breaks and playing my ukulele. A few pages of sheet music, a fingering chart, and my Gretcsch concert standard are not too far from my computer. 

About once an hour I sneak in a song, and then I get right back to "teaching." Playing one song seems to be the perfect length, and then somehow I am able to focus again. Currently, my favorite tunes to play are Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" and "Let It Be" by John Lennon. Full disclosure: I have been known to sing along as I strum.

Maybe I will be really good at this ukulele playing by the time we return to our school buildings?

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  1. I don’t know how folks who teach online full time do it. I need to move around to. I love that your ukulele is filling a need for music and movement. I think you should make a video of your playing and add it to a future post. I’d love to hear you play.

  2. The sitting is bad. I never sit this much when at school. At school it is a lovely break to just sit down for a change. Next week I have to be much more intentional with taking the breaks. Ukulele for you. I think yoga for me.
    Please, come to Leigh Anne's Party. You are not late. It lasts until the end of March.

  3. What a brilliant idea for a little break. I am starting to realize that I am sitting way, way too much, so tomorrow I need to follow your example and build in more little breaks.


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