Friday, May 8, 2020

#sosmagic: Generous Gifts

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#sosmagic: Generous Gifts

In the midst of a divorce last fall, I moved out. Suddenly, I found myself in a new neighborhood, in an empty rental house without a whole lot of furniture or household items. I felt lost in every way possible. 

I had begun a new journey. It was a journey that was was one of the most terrifying and painful things that I had ever experienced but necessary.

Friends, family, and colleagues helped make this transition more bearable and gifted me with all kinds of unexpected blessings. Beyond listening to me and providing a constant emotional support system, I received all kinds of gifts including a house full of furniture, hand -made quilts, house plants, baking pans, silverware, glassware, sheet sets, bicycles, a vaccuum cleaner, tools, and even a gently used lawn mower and snow blower. I was so humbled by all that people shared with me.

Now there is not a room in my house where I am not surrounded by the reminder that people went out of their way to help me when I needed it the most. Evidence of love and support is scattered throughout my house. 

The rocking chair, braided rug, floor lamp, and plant were all items given to me.

I will forever be deeply touched at all of these gestures of love.

Yesterday, as I was thinking about Ruth's invitation to consider the magic of words, I realized that many of my favorite words are connected with generosity. As I played around with lists of words in my notebook, I came up with the following Haiku, a bit of a tribute to some lovely words and for my appreciation for all who shared such amazing gifts with me:

Generosity -/ 
gifts shared. Meaningful gestures./
Community love.   

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