Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Slice of Life Tuesday: Junior High Physical Education Uniform

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As the school year comes to an end, I am inviting my high school seniors to reflect on school experiences through micro writing. Below is a 100 word story I wrote to provide as a model to my students. As shared on this week's Slice of Life Tuesday Post, "If we are asking students to take risks, we have to model risk taking" (shared by Meredith Sinclair at the first Connecticut Council for Teachers of English Convention, 2018).

Check out one of my school experiences below in exactly 100 words:

Although over twenty-five years have passed, the required physical education uniform still makes me recoil. All females were required to wear one piece gym suits. No exceptions. Red shorts attached to red and white horizontal striped tops. Durable, itchy polyester. Each girl's last name was carefully printed in thick black sharpie on the left shoulder - a ceremonial duty bestowed by the physical education teacher the first day. On the last day of eighth grade I happily chucked it in the school dumpster. Raised in a fairly frugal household, it was the only item of clothing I ever remember throwing away.

I found this image somewhere on Pinterest.
Although this is not exactly like our gym suits, it is similar. 


  1. This made me laugh. We had a horrifically ugly one piece romper to wear...in the 70s.

  2. Great piece! I like the idea of micro pieces. My son took a micro fiction course the last semester of his undergrad experience. I tend to be verbose, so it would be a great exercise for me! My most recent experience was writing a congratulatory message for my son's yearbook, as he graduates this year. Every word counts! I am putting my URL because blogger does not allow me to connect my wordpress sign in information.

  3. What a great assignment, great example, and horrible uniform! We got to bring our own shorts and t-shirt for PE when I was young. I never thought about it, but I guess I was lucky :)

  4. OMG! I bet a man had something to do w/ junior high girls being forced t wear a onesie. That's just wrong. The only class I ever skipped was P.E. during the swimming unit because I had to wear an unlined swimsuit, and my boobs are not made for that!

    1. heeheehee - your response is making me giggle. Back when men made *all* the rules... Can we call it progress if it includes lined swimsuits and no more onesies?

  5. That is AWFUL. I am really glad that you threw that thing away. I hope your students find your story as inspiring as I did - it is making me laugh.


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