Thursday, January 31, 2019

#Mustreadin2019: My List

#Mustreadin2019: My List 

My friend and fellow blogger Elisabeth Ellington of The Dirigible Plum invited me to participate in blogger Carrie Gelson's #Mustreadin2019 Reading Challenge with her at the beginning of January. Since today is the last day in January, I am embarrassingly late to this party. 

From what I understand, the idea is to come up with a list of books that you want to and will commit to read in 2019. These are books of any category, meant to guide your reading for this year. There are even helpful invites to update your progress. 

As a voracious reader, I am game for this challenge. Since the beginning of January I have been trying to cultivate my list, but I admit that it has been more challenging than I initially thought! I keep getting distracted when I hear about new books coming out or when one of my students or friends tells me that I must read something.

Here goes, my Mustreadin2019:

16 titles I must read in 2019
Here's a closer look (none in any kind of order): 

Professional Titles:


Book in Verse:




As I put my list together, I was amazed at how many titles I selected were nonfiction. A little less than a decade ago, I barely read any nonfiction unless I was required to. I only read nonfiction, mostly YA books. It is stunning to see how my reading diet has evolved.  

*Update: I realized that I forgot to name and link a title in this post: Maria Popova's A Velocity of Being: Letters to A Young Reader


  1. I saw some buzz about this reading challenge, and must say it’s not at all appealing to me. It’s too specific. It boxes the reader in to committing to read books that later may not appeal to the reader when life’s circumstances change. I like flexibility in my reading life. Even in terms of teaching, I want the flexibility to adjust text selections based of cultural winds. Other than setting a reading goal on goodreads, the only challenge I gave myself is to read more fiction. Most of my reading last year was nonfiction.

  2. Thanks for reading my post, Glenda. I am excited to try it for the first time. One of the things that I have liked about the reading challenge is seeing what other people want to read. Also, I only selected a few books, knowing that I will read beyond what is on my list.

  3. So happy to have you join us Trina - the challenge is really about celebrating the excitement of reading and thinking about titles that your want to read. Sometimes, we read a lot of titles from the list, other times not so many. But yes, so wonderful to be a part of a reading community that shares titles and new perspectives. I didn't know Debbie Miller had this new title. Going to try and track it down. I love her work. Welcome.

    1. Thank you or organizing this, Carrie! I love that this challenge is really celebrating the excitement of reading and thinking about titles!

      I am a high school teacher, but I love Debbie Miller's work, too. I saw her speak at a conference several years ago and couldn't believe the complexity of work such young learners were doing.


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