Monday, March 18, 2019

March Slice of Life Challenge Day 18: Overdue!

For the month of March, each day I am writing and posting a slice of my life, hosted by Two Writing Teachers

March Slice of Life Challenge Day 18: 

November checkout. 
December: missing. Renew.
Look under beds, van.

By January - 
second renew. Return search 
through backpacks, bookcase.

And February - 
third renew. "Can you please check
again at school?" Sigh.

March notice arrives.
Library guilt keeps.

Sunday afternoon
it appeared - casually placed
on top of book stack.

No one could explain
how it got there, where it had
been. Return. Pay fine. 


  1. The books go wandering. Great when they return.

  2. Oh my... I can relate. Love this book's disappearance and reappearance told through the passing of months.

  3. Hooray! How can anyone lose a book entitled "Unicorn of Many Hats"? What an awesome title and idea!! My daughter and I will have to search in our library for that one. Thanks for the suggestion. Also, glad is reappeared (mysteriously:)!

  4. This has happened to us! The organization of this poem is very clever and, oh, how I feel for you with the passing of time. Where do these books go? How do they come back? And a special thank you to my library for allowing unlimited renewals on books with no holds.

  5. This one had me laughing. Seriously, where do these books go? This happens to me more frequently than I would like--renew, renew, renew--not because I'm reading but because I can't find the darned thing to return it! But somehow they usually turn up.


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