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March Slice of Life Challenge Day 30: Swedish Pancakes

For the month of March, each day I am writing and posting a slice of my life, hosted by Two Writing Teachers

March Slice of Life Challenge Day 30:
Swedish Pancakes 

"Trina, I need to sit in on a meeting in a few minutes. Can you take over with making the Swedish pancakes?"

Before I could protest, my uncle handed me a spatula and was instructing me how to flip Swedish pancakes - thin and lacy crepe-like pancakes. 

"First, fill the pan about 2/3 full with batter. Tip the the pan just enough so the batter covers the bottom. It won't take long before the first side is done. Check by lifting one edge of the pancake to see if you should flip it. It should flip fairly easily and be a little brown."

"Next," Uncle Rick continued, "flip and finished cooking the next side on the other pan."

Other pan? Yikes, this was already complicated.

"Um... you want me to flip when the pancake is still another pan?" I gulped.

"Yup. Otherwise it will take you forever making one pancake at a time. This makes it faster. Relax. You'll get it. You might need to play with the heat if it starts to burn a little." My uncle reassured me. I wasn't so sure. 

"Then you start on the next pancake. The trick is having the right pans and knowing when to flip. Trust me, in time, you'll just get it. I have been working on this for forty years, and they finally look like how I want them to. Remember that they will taste good no matter how they look!" 

He scurried to his office for his virtual meeting. I was left in front of my aunt and uncle's stove top with Swedish pancake batter, two small frying pans, and a serving platter. My children and husband sat at the kitchen table, eagerly awaiting their pancakes. 

Per tradition, the table was adorned with bowls of topping: whipped cream, powdered sugar, berries, butter, and mini chocolate chips. 
The spread of toppings

My turn at flipping Swedish pancakes turned out just as difficult as I imagined. At least two were ruined as I transported from one pan to the other. Three were a bit black before I realized I needed to turn down the heat. 
Uncle Rick's sample pancakes were perfect - thin, circular, and lacy; my pancakes were misshapen, had holes in them, and looked nothing like crepes. 

Uncle Rick's pancake

My pancake 
But Uncle Rick was right, after you piled on all of the yummy toppings, the Swedish pancakes tasted fantastic.

One of my Swedish pancakes, full of toppings

I left my aunt and uncle's house in Minnesota with my uncle's coveted recipe for Swedish pancakes. Apparently you can purchase a pan just for Swedish Pancakes. As soon as I find the perfect pan(s) to cook them in, I am determined to make them for my family at our house. 


  1. I love the dialog and your thinking in this piece because I can feel your trepidation. Even though it was hard, how wonderful that you had a chance to try making the pancakes and that you now have a special family recipe.

  2. I didn't know that there were special pans for swedish pancakes. How wonderful to have a visit to Minnesota. This post reminds me of my Oma's egg pancakes she used to make! Thanks for the memory and this delightful and delicious slice.

  3. Oh my goodness, the pictures made me laugh! But, as the crepe maker in our house, I assure you that Uncle Rick is right about more than just the taste: in time you'll get it. And until then, what fun you will have. These look delicious!

  4. Those pictures! I feel you. I love his trick to have two pans--brilliant and totally trying that next time I make crepes. But he's also right: once slathered in toppings, it tastes delicious even if it looks, well, a bit homely.

  5. It's like cooking shows, the chefs show something they have practiced for decades and make it look effortless, and then others have to try. Good for you being a risk-taker and trying. As a result there were pancakes, no matter that not perfect, to enjoy.


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