Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Tuesday Slice of Life: I get to...

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Tuesday Slice of Life: 

I get to...

At one of our staff meetings last year one of our high school principals, Dr. Mineau, mentioned the power of this phrase, "I get to..." Dr. Mineau was referring to our mindset in how we approach situations. The idea is to replace the phrase "I have to..." with "I get to." For example, instead of "I have to be at Open House this week" you could say, "I get to meet some of my students and their parents." The second sentence sounds much more positive, doesn't it? 

For a while, I have been trying to focus on what is positive in my life instead of dwelling on the negative, especially on the factors I have little to no control over. According to author Kendra Cherry in "Benefits of Positive Thinking for Body and Mind," positive thinkers can cope better with stress, have improved immunity, can be more resilient, and can have positive impacts on overall health. I don't know about you, dear reader, but I could use all of those benefits! 

I have been trying to apply this approach to my personal life all summer, consistently applying the "I get to" phrase when I can. Honestly, I have dealt with some tough things lately, and while the "I get to" phrase has not taken away what's messy and painful, it has helped me shift some of my perspectives so I can manage in a healthier way. Ultimately, this has helped me show up as a more decent human being.

Today I get to begin a new school year. I get to work with amazing colleagues. I get to work with some fantastic students. I get to keep learning with and from my students. I get to be a part of making a positive difference for kids. I get to reflect about each day in my writers notebook. I get to see students make progress.  

What do you get to do in your life? In your profession? At home? 


  1. I get to be inspired by fellow slicers! I get to watch my own children grow and nurture their independence! I get to meet my #kidsneedmentors author later today! Thank you for sharing your mindset, especially at this busy time of preparation and anticipation.

  2. ...and you get to spread the positivity message, Trina. I am writing about getting to savor the last days of summer before the rush of the back-to-school season. Thanks for the tips, Trina. I get to enjoy summer and then dip into fall conferences and back-to-school regional meetings.

  3. I love reframing have to's as get to's. I've been working with Isabelle on that since she often tells me that she doesn't like the things she has to do. We've tried reshaping them. It's a slower process to reframe things when you're eight though.

    Have a wonderful school year!

  4. I’ve been using the “I get to” phrase w/ students a few years now. My AP Lit kids last year had snarky fun w/ it, as in “Oh, boy, I get to take this 55 question multiple choice test. Aren’t I lucky.” Thinking about them makes me smile. I also like, “I have the privilege to...”

    In my second week of retirement, I get to read more, walk more, write more. I get to have some new experiences this fall, and I’m getting to send poetry resources to a former colleague who moved to Pennsylvania this summer.

  5. I get to watch two of my grandsons grow and share books with them every week, I get to lead a middle school book club, I get to read books for three book clubs, and I get to savor the joy of walking with friends. Truly I am blessed!


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