Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tuesday Slice of Life: October Snow

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Tuesday Slice of Life: 

October Snow

October surprise.
White clings to leafy branches.
Apple peers through snow.


  1. We have snow in Wyoming and frigid temperatures. Your post helps my mindset be a bit more positive!

  2. We haven't had snow in central PA yet and I don't mind waiting for it. In fact, if it decided not to come this year I would not be upset. :-)

  3. Oh wow! That would, indeed, be a surprise. I love the picture of the apple - and haiku is a great form for capturing this moment. Here's hoping you get a little more fall before winter decides to stay for a while.

  4. No snow here, yet. The cold has arrived though, so the snow will probably arrive soon. I hope I'll be able to meet it with wonder and curiosity and respond with some writing like you did.


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