Thursday, March 26, 2020

Slice of Life #20 Challenge Day 26/31: Haiku Process

Slice of Life #20 Challenge Day 26/31: 
Haiku Process

Elisabeth Ellington of The Dirigible Plum, commented on one of my recent posts, inquiring about my process of how I write Haiku: "Do you think of your haiku as you're walking and write in your head until you can get home and capture it? I'm curious about your process!" 

So Elisabeth, here you go...

I continue to realize that I'm a creature of habit. Any poem I write, especially a Haiku, is intially composed in my head as I am walking (or working on something). Especially when I walk alone, I always have my phone with me, so I often record the lines of a Haiku in the notes section from my phone.

For example, on my walk this morning I composed this Haiku as a note: 

Dear readers, yesterday (and still a little bit today), I'm struggling with solitude. Currently, my kids are at their dad's house. With the Covid-19 crisis and our Safer at Home Order, I don't have my usual cadre of teacher friends who provide me with endless hugs and laughter. On past Wednesdays after school I typically visit my friend Ellen's house for crochet lessons. I cannot go there either. I am doing fine, but there are times that I feel so lonely. I just don't have the same kinds of distractions. Last night I found myself stuck in the house on a rainy night. I was thinking of this as I walked this morning and wrote this: 

Yesterday's visit:/
unwanted alone time...I'm/
still navigagting. 

One of the first things I like to do when I return from a walk (as soon as coffee is ready, of course) is write. Often I will revise and edit what I composed in a note. For the above Haiku, I haven't done anything to it yet in terms of editing, revising, or even just playing with the words. For me, that's often the best part - arranging and playing with words. 

So, there's my process. It's fairly organic and simple, but it works for me. 

What's your process in writing? 


  1. I often write posts in my phone and use photos to prompt my memory. The Blogger app is crap, but I can at least begin a post in it, too.

    In the days during and after my divorce I was very lonely. I didn’t tell anyone at work what was going on. With the virus adding to our sense of isolation, it’s completely understandable that you feel lonely.

  2. I haven’t written much poetry in the past decade so my process is usually haphazard. There’s nothing typical about it so I enjoyed reading about yours. It is

  3. My process is typically similar to yours: get the words into a note as fast as they come to my head, and then rearrange and edit later.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. This was so interesting to read! Thank you! I never write on my phone. Not sure why not. I will take photos to remind myself what I want to write about. I do write sometimes in my head while driving or walking, and then I will just say the line over and over until I commit it to memory and can get to a notebook! I usually have one handy (a tiny one I carry when I hike; my regular writer's notebook when driving) (We won't delve too deeply into the safety of scribbling notes to myself while driving!) I think the rhythms and pace of walking are so conducive to writing!

  5. I am not a phone writer and I'm working real hard to be a notebooker! I can't say that I have a process, but when writing poetry of any kind I write lines then move and change and delete and add more. Nah, wouldn't really call this a process because it is usually a mess! Thank you for sharing yours.


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