Thursday, April 30, 2020

#sosmagic: Unexpected Supervision

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#sosmagic: Unexpected Supervision 

"Can I ask you a favor?" 

I stopped mid-walk, startled by a request from a stranger. I was on my way to meet my neighbor, Dave, for an early evening walk. 

"Sure," I cautiously replied. A middle aged man with two children walked towards me. The man and older child were walking their bicycles. The youngest child stood next to a bike resting on the sidewalk.

"My daughter's breaks somehow jammed. She cannot ride anymore. I gotta get this bike home so I can fix it." He explained.

"That's too bad," I responded.

"I need to get her bike back home, so I need to go back home and grab my van. Can you watch her for a few moments?" He barely waited for my response. Instead, he hopped on his bike, the other child following him. A small girl, donned in a unicorn bike helmet and brown cowboy boots faced me. Part of her ponytail was dyed purple. 

"Wait. What's her name?" I asked.


"My name is Trina." She looked up at me and smiled a toothless grin. 

"She's a good kid and will be no problem." The man left on his bike. The other child trailed after him. 

"Wait - I'll wait with her on my neighbor's porch." I pointed to Dave's porch ahead of us. 

What just happened? I thought. Although I live in a relatively safe community and a tight-knit neighborhood, it's 2020. I couldn't believe that a man that I had never met before was leaving me with his young child. I had never seen this child before. How did I agree to this? When did I agree to this? Why wouldn't he have just left the bike and walked home with her? What if he didn't come back? Doesn't he realize that we're in the middle of a pandemic? Did he somehow know that I was a teacher? Do I just look that trusting? 

Since I wanted to make sure this child and I were in highly visible space, V. and I waited on the plastic lawn chairs on my neighbor Dave's porch. First I pointed out the mourning dove's nest; next, I showed her where Dave and I found a fallen egg on his sidewalk. While we waited I told V. the few knock-knock jokes I knew. After I asked her how old she was, V. volunteered all kinds of information - where she attended school, her teacher's name, what grade she was in, and where she lived (including her street name and address). 

Dear readers, although I found it bizarre that I found myself supervising this strange child, V. was an absolute joy to talk with. It was the best part of my day.

One snippet of our conversation went something like this:

V: It's almost my birthday!
Me: That's great! When is it?
V: At the end of May. I'm going to be 7 years old.
Me: Oh. That's exciting! 7 is big stuff.
V: Uh huh. 7 will be so great. After that comes 8 and then 9. Then 10! You can do anything when you are 10!
Me: 10 is pretty great. Double digits.
V.: No more kid stuff. Maybe I can even get an iPhone. 
Me: Yeah, I guess you are pretty old when you are 10. How will you celebrate your birthday?
V.: I don't know. Cupcakes. With frosting. And cake. With lots of ice cream.

Soon after the birthday chat, V.'s dad appeared in his mini van. 

"Thanks for watching V.!" The side door of the mini van opened, and V. scurried to her dad's van. 

"Bye! Take care of the baby birds!" V. yelled as the van door closed.

The black mini van drove off. 

I hope he doesn't leave his daughter with random strangers often. It was an unsettling thought. 

Bewildered yet a bit delighted, I knocked on Dave's door and we began our previously scheduled walk. 


  1. I can't even imagine leaving a child behind! Wonder what his wife thought/said when dad arrived home without the daughter. I wonder if you will ever encounter them again.

  2. So unexpected. Even during regular times this seems unusual. Now even more so. I am surprised that the kid was so fine with this. I believe your teacher face made the father trust you.

  3. Wow--this was quite the adventure!

  4. You’re right, this is so odd! I’m glad you wrote about it and captured the tension of the moment.

  5. Love her parting words: "Bye! Take care of the baby birds!" I'm wondering how long it took him to get home and return. Love how you captured the encounter.

  6. That is truly amazing! You must have a very trusting face. Random children always latch onto me for help. My husband says - they just know you are a teacher. You don't have to say anything. Glad YOU were the one that dad left V. with!

  7. A lovely story! Warmed my heart!

  8. I love how you uncovered joy for your reader in this piece. Although there's a little anxiety in the situation, I was delighted with the surprise pop of congeniality!


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