Sunday, March 28, 2021

Slice of Life Challenge #21 Day 28: Rollerblade Driveway Delight

For the month of March, each day I am writing and posting a slice of my life, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. 

Slice of Life Challenge #21 Day 28: 

Rollerblade Driveway Delight

My daughter has been begging for rollerblades for the last few months. She has been rollerskating a few times before, but not rollerblading. It's also been a while since we went roller skating, and we haven't had many opportunities to skate. 

On Friday I had the good fortune to borrow several pairs of rollerblades from a friend - a fellow parent who knows that it's wise to try out something before you invest in purchasing it. 

I have a flat and wide driveway, perfect for rollerblading. With knee pads, helmets, and wrist guards, the three of us put on our gear. 

We all began a bit shakey, especially my daughter, who has had the least amount of experience on wheels. She fell several times and clutched onto my arm before she was able to achieve balance on her own. Soon, although a bit shaken, she was skating back and forth between the width of our driveway. 

“I’m awful at this, but it’s SO fun!” She exclaimed. 

“You are doing just fine. It takes practice.” I reassured her. 

We spent at least an hour roller blading before we headed inside.

"Can we do this again, Mom?" 

I nodded, thrilled that we could enjoy something outside together.  

Lace skates. Find balance./

Rollerblade driveway delight./

Outside spring pleasure.


  1. So glad you could try it first! My children LOVED roller blading in the summer sun when they were young. I can't say I ever joined them!

  2. Definitely good to try out rollerblades before investing in them. Looks like fun, and looks as though you’ll be spending more time on wheels in the coming months. You captured the delight in a wonderful haiku.

  3. What a fun experience! It's always a proud parent moment when your kids persevere through something challenging and want to do it again! Clever haiku, too.

  4. I am here for every skating success! How cool that you were able to do this as a family and enjoy good times outdoors. What a great thing to pursue!

  5. How fun!I used to love rollerblading but always found the stopping tricky. What a good idea to "go for a spin" before investing. Sounds like there will be some rollerblading fun in your futures!

  6. What great way to welcome and celebrate this long-awaited spring! I admire how you made this happen for your daughter - and that you did it with her. Nothing tops moments like this.


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