Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Tuesday Slice of Life: Tenzi Time

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Tuesday Slice of Life: Tenzi Time 

Last Sunday we had planned to go snow tubing following our Sunday morning worship service at a local ski hill, a little over an hour's drive by car. Yet, as many events this winter, we cancelled it due to a nasty winter storm.

As it is our annual church youth group snow tubing tradition, a few youth had invited friends to join us. Instead of sending everyone home, one of our co-leaders thought that it would be great to play board games and eat pizza. The weather was crummy, but at least we could still salvage part of the day.

As our frozen pizzas cooked in the oven, I learned how to play the game Tenzi, a new-to-me-game, with some youth. *Jessie, one of our youth, gave quick but thorough instructions for this fast-paced dice game. Soon we played twelve rounds of Tenzi. 

Variations to play Tenzi with
Besides learning a new game, one of my favorite parts of the afternoon was when *Kat, a quiet friend of Jessie's, joined us. Donned in a black hoodie sweatshirt, blue tuft of hair peeking out, Kat had barely muttered a sound. Yet, as we played Tenzi, I saw Kat smile. As we got into the game she started to laugh and then talk, revealing bit about who she was. 

I adore how games can sometimes bring teenagers out of their shell.

Although it was another disappointing cancellation that day, I am grateful we were still able to make our own fun - a surprising kind of joy. Most of all, I was able to make a new, but small connection with Kat. 



  1. I have not played this game yet but many of the kids at our big family get-togethers play this all of the time. The great thing bout it is how all age levels can join in the fun!

  2. Sorry that the outdoor fun was cancelled. Board games made a wonderful alternative. I hope that with better weather the snow tubing will happen too.

  3. I’m not familiar w/ Tenzi. I love your line about board games bringing teens out of their shells. Board games are inherently communal activities and vital to our learning to be good citizens of many communities.

  4. I missed playing board games during our recent snow since I was in Italy. Can't say I missed the snow, but I did miss some of the housebound fun. I haven't heard of this game, but will have to see if the younger crowd in our family knows it.

  5. Such a lovely point about how games can bring out a side in a teen that we might not have seen before. In my first year teaching, we would occasionally have board game Fridays in class when we all needed a break, and it was amazing to me how kids who never spoke, never even looked at me, would suddenly be loud and lively!


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