Thursday, March 28, 2019

March Slice of Life Challenge Day 28: Child's Play

For the month of March, each day I am writing and posting a slice of my life, hosted by Two Writing Teachers

March Slice of Life Challenge Day 28: 
Child's Play 

"Olin! I'm gonna get ya!" Alaina baits. 

Two-year-old Olin cautiously peeks his head and chubby fingers from the small hallway separating my aunt's living room and entryway. He spies his ten-year-old cousin, Alaina, and shrieks. Two-year-old giggles are the best.  

"!" He cannot quite say her name yet, but this does not matter. 

Alaina cranes her head out of the other end of the hallway, her slender fingers grasping the wall. She lunges toward his direction. Olin races around the hallway so she won't catch him. 

Stocking feet pound the hardwood floor. 

Olin hides behind the wall and peers out, expecting Alaina to be on the other side of the room. But ten-year-olds are crafty; she whips her body in the opposite direction, surprising Olin. Suddenly, she's right in front of him. He squeals in delight. 

"Gotcha, Olin!" She gently tickles him. They both erupt in loud giggles.

This variation of chase and peek-a-boo continues for most of the evening.

It's magical seeing my daughter play with my cousin's toddler son. How I wish we lived closer. 


  1. "Two-year-old giggles are the best." - yes! And cousins playing together is awesome.

  2. So sweet. I love the contrasting fingers.

  3. I could picture Olin because Jack is two. He loves playing with his cousins (who all live too far away too). And you're right, nothing beats two-year-old giggles. I'm listening to Jack chatter (instead of nap) on the monitor right now.

  4. I love your description of Alaina: "ten-year-olds are crafty; she whips her body in the opposite direction, surprising Olin." The playfulness and love in this piece is magical indeed. I'm glad you captured this moment.


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