Monday, March 23, 2020

Slice of Life #20 Challenge Day 23/31: Surprise Harbinger

Slice of Life #20 Challenge Day 23/31: 
Surprise Harbinger

It has been the first of many seasons in a new neighborhood and a new-to-me house. Prior to my divorce, one of my favorite harbingers of spring was noticing when our backyard tulips would emerge. I always celebrated this with my children, eagerly sharing signs of new blooms with them. 

About two weeks ago I realized that I would miss this. This thought caught me off guard, leaving me with some lingering sadness. 

This morning, as I returned from my walk, something caught my eye. On the side of the house I rent I noticed two small clumps of green. As I peered closer I realized that it was the beginnings of new growth. 

Ah, perhaps these will be tulips or daffodils?

Suddenly, my heart was filled with delight, reminding me of the new possiblities of this year's spring. 

I cannot wait to see what emerges from the winter ground. 

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  1. I really hope you’re surprised w/ tulips. Mine are poking their little green crowns out of the ground. I’ll be glad when they arrive. Tulips are my favorite flower.

  2. The top picture looks like tulip leaves to me. Whatever you end up with, I'm sure they'll be beautiful! :-) ~JudyK

  3. I just noticed yesterday that the iris have begun to grow and the tips of my daffodils are poking up. I will be glad for those harbingers of spring to bloom!


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