Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Slice of Life #20 Challenge Day 24/31: Spring Fling

Slice of Life #20 Challenge Day 24/31: 
Spring Fling

Leigh Anne Eck, thoughtful blogger at A Day in the Life, challenged slicers to a virtual party, inviting others to share their best self-care ideas

I cannot resist a good party, so here are my three suggestions of self-care:

Practice gratitude. I strive to write a daily list of three things I'm grateful for. I've found that practicing gratitude helps me reframe my attitude, especially when I am cranky or feeling negative about something in my life. 

This morning's gratitude
1. Having my kids with me and feeling their fierce hugs
2. Noticing positive sidewalk messages/drawings
3. Receiving a stream of great messages from a certain friend - one who continually makes me smile
Movement. For me, this is walking. I have a great walking partner who is also a friend and neighbor. However, I also love walking alone, especially early in the morning before most of the world is awake.

Maintaining connection. Lately, this has been connecting with friends and loved ones through conversations on my cell phone, through Google Meet, and even through traditional letter writing. Although I pop in and out of social media, this is my least favorite way to connect with someone. 

What are your best ideas for current self-care?

Thank you, Leigh Anne, for organizing this positive, helpful party. 

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All writers are welcome! 


  1. I love your ideas! And reading your post makes me realize that I have been sitting on my. couch ever since I woke up. I do have my yoga class shortly and I think I will try to go out for an evening walk after my kiddo falls asleep. Movement is so important. And I love your ideas for maintaining connection. I am longing for something a little more substantial than social media myself!

  2. When I saw you’re joining Leigh Anne’s party I knew walking would be on your list. I need to write affirmations. I think of them but don’t always put them into writing. I’m saving my list for when I write my party post. 😉

  3. Thank you for joining the fun! I apologize for not getting yesterday. I spent less time commenting and more time connecting with students and getting things ready for next week.

    Practicing gratitude is something I think we will see more people doing. I am very sporadic at doing this and need to get better at it. Stay safe!

  4. Oooh, I like the daily gratitude list. Hang in there and great meeting you at the party!

  5. Thanks for sharing the day’s gratitudes- so specific, a great mentor. Mine for today would be:
    1. I set a box of picture books on my porch, and the kids next door were able to borrow some books from my impromptu library.
    2. With chairs a safe distance apart on my porch, my neighbor and I visited today.
    3. We had hours of sunshine today!


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