Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Slice of Life #20 Challenge Day 31/31: Walking Habits

Slice of Life #20 Challenge Day 31/31: 
Walking Habits

Since the Covid-19 epidemic began, I've been trying to adapt to all kinds of things: digital learning/teaching, social distancing, and making peace with all of the cancellations. At times it has been a bit jarring and overwhelming. 

However, there hasn't been a day that I have not gone for at least one walk, especially during my lunch hour. Although I often walked before or after school, I didn't walk during my lunch break. Now it's one of my favorite times of the day. I get a break from my computer. I get some time outdoors. I get to spend time either in solitude or chatting with my neighbor/friend, Dave. 

On today's lunchtime walk, I ran into one of my administrators running during her lunch break. In addition, I saw two families out for a walk. My neighbor, Rae, was out on her lunch break and walking with her friend. It makes me happy to see so many people outside.

Generally, I feel better after I walk. I feel less overwhelmed and often less cranky. I'm not sure why I didn't do it when I was physically at school.

Walking during my lunch break is something I want to continue after this pandemic is over. 

Lunch time stroll relieves/
anxiety, tension. Now/
welcome habit change. 

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  1. Even though I workout every day, I still need a walk. Today we’d planned a hike in a local trail system called City Creek, but it has rained all day. We finally took the dogs walking in our neighborhood when there was a momentary break in the rain. We need physical movement to help our brains work.

  2. Walking is a great way to breathe in fresh air. I want to get into a daily routine but darkness and rain are deterrents. I’ lo get there. Stay safe - it was fun connecting with you this month.

  3. I always feel better after a walk too. It's amazing to me how centering and grounding it is. I don't always want to do it--I don't like walking in town and don't always want to take the time to drive to nature. But I always feel better from it! Walking at lunch seems like a good routine to stick with.

  4. I've found myself taking more walks, too. I like to run for exercise, but walk for peace, comfort, and to clear my mind. I hope you continue this new routine even when we go back to "normal" :)

  5. Walking is good. I wonder whether you are bale to switch off the school thoughts and simply be in the now. This is a challenge for me. I often find I have walked a distance without noticing anything but I have a mini-lesson planned in my head.


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