Monday, March 29, 2021

Slice of Life Challenge #21 Day 29: Cat Anniversary

 For the month of March, each day I am writing and posting a slice of my life, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. 

Slice of Life Challenge #21 Day 29: 

Cat Anniversary

They were brought over from across the street - me carrying Emma, Dave with Victor. It was the most simple cat transfer. 

I found a place for their litterboxes in the basement. I set out their food and water bowls in the kitchen. We had a basket of cat toys waiting for them and even purchased a small scratching post for them. 

We didn't see Emma for at least three days. Victor was cautious, but once he realized that we would provide him with food, he was eager to be sitting on laps and discovering new sunbeams in our house.

It's been over a year since we welcomed Victor and Emma into our home. Now Emma greets me at the door when I return home. She is often my shadow, eager for my attention. Each night Victor climbs up into my lap and purrs. I believe that they are living their best cat lives

Little did I know that these two creatures would provide my children and me with so much companionship, curiosity, and joy. Rescuing these two felines was a welcome change. I am pretty sure that my children would agree.



  1. Happy catversary! I’m sure Victor and Emma feel rescued and loved. They are adorable.

  2. Awww- I am so glad you found them and they found you. :)

  3. It's nearly impossible for me to pass up a cat slice. Love the pic of both cats in the chair! Actually I love all the pics, but that one is my fave. And my next fave is the one of your daughter and Victor. Congrats to Victor and Emma for finding the best home ever!

  4. Ramona and I are just following each other around the slice-o-sphere, catching all the cat posts! I love the photos here, and of course I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments. My cats bring me so much joy and happiness and companionship. I really enjoy the time we spend together. I love that Victor and Emma were able to stay together too, since they are clearly bonded.


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