Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Slice of Life Tuesday: December Haiku-A-Day Challenge

Writing Haiku is among my favorite forms of writing. I like the manageability of creating a piece with only three lines. I like the focus of a small topic or moment. I like tapping the rhythm of syllables against my leg as I pen lines. I like playing with the order of words. Five. Seven. Five.  Haiku shows up all over my writer's notebook, often after I have written about that day's gratitude. 

The past two Decembers I committed to writing a Haiku-a-day and exchanged it with a friend. I wrote about this experience in this post

Last night, as I was thinking about my experience of writing Haiku in past Decembers, I wrote this in my writer's notebook:

December chaos
ahead - Haiku slows me. Seek
reflective moments.

In continuation of my Haiku-a-day December challenge, this year I plan to post a Haiku-a-day on my blog. I would love for other bloggers to join me. I would love to be inspired by your daily Haiku! 

The challenge: write one Haiku-a-day in the month of December. Post it on your blog. 

Will you join me in this writing endeavor? 

Join me in sharing a slice of my life with Two Writing Teachers
All writers are welcome! 


  1. Wishing you the best for Haiku writing month. Play and enjoy!

  2. I enjoy reading Haiku more than writing it. So, I will look forward to reading your beauties on Tuesdays in December. (I find the format too constraining for me to write in regularly.)

  3. I love nature. Poetry is tough. So, to me, it's like combining something I love with something I don't and I work on it. I'm intrigued by the challenge. Part of me says I won't do it, but the other part, the competitive part that knows I need to be writing more and thinking more outside of my school day thinks I might participate. Thanks for putting the invitation out there.

  4. Thanks for the invitation. I am considering it. I may not be able to do it every day, but I am willing to give it a go.

  5. I've participated in a haiku a day challenge before in December and really enjoyed it. I'm on the fence right now, but so appreciate the open invitation. Writing challenges are a great motivation!

  6. I'd like to try! I love a writing challenge and could use something new.

  7. Here's mine today:

    Happy to have made
    English Toffee by myself
    So sweet and yummy


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