Sunday, December 15, 2019

Haiku-A-Day December Challenge #15: Self-Care

For the last three years, I've intentionally spent time writing and sharing a Haiku-A-Day for the month of December. The first two years I exchanged a daily Haiku privately with willing friends, mostly through text and email. Last year I wrote and shared each Haiku on my blogThroughout this process, I've discovered that the practice of noticing and reflecting through writing a Haiku grounds me, provides with with a certain kind of peace, assists me with better practicing gratitude, and helps me better navigate this "hurry up" world. This year my goal is the same as last year: to pen and publish a daily Haiku on my blog throughout December. 

Haiku-A-Day December Challenge #15

It's Sunday night. I didn't sit around all day, but I did not accomplish everything that I wanted to. Laundry still needs to be folded. I didn't get to all of the correcting that needs to be done or extended lesson planning. I did not finish all of the Christmas shopping or do any baking today. But I did take the time to take a short afternoon nap - something I used to feel incredibly guilty about. 

Lately, I've been working on taking better care of myself, including prioritizing sleep. In the last two years I realized that I could not show up as a decent human being if I put everyone else ahead of my needs.

Sunday afternoon/
lends for uninterrupted,/
peaceful self-care: nap.

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  1. Self care is so important, so why do women—especially teachers—feel guilty about caring for ourselves?


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