Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Haiku-A-Day December Challenge #31: Slice of Life Mash Up: Showing Up

For the last three years, I've intentionally spent time writing and sharing a Haiku-A-Day for the month of December. The first two years I exchanged a daily Haiku privately with willing friends, mostly through text and email. Last year I wrote and shared each Haiku on my blogThroughout this process, I've discovered that the practice of noticing and reflecting through writing a Haiku grounds me, provides with with a certain kind of peace, assists me with better practicing gratitude, and helps me better navigate this "hurry up" world. This year my goal is the same as last year: to pen and publish a daily Haiku on my blog throughout December. 

Haiku-A-Day December Challenge #31
Slice of Life Mash Up:
Showing Up 

For the month of December I wrote and posted a daily Haiku. I am incredibly grateful for my friend and fellow Blogger, Glenda, who joined me in this daily challenge. I encourage you to read her thoughtful and smart Haiku and reflections (like this one). 

Throughout this month as I worked on this challenge, a bit of panic set in. I found that I perseverated on these questions: What would I write about? Who would read it? Who would care about what I wrote? Would I get judged about what I wrote about?

Often my thoughts occupied far more space than the time it took me to actually write and post. 

Most days, as I reached close to the end of the day, I reminded myself that I set this personal goal and needed to follow up. After a little personal pep talk, I set myself a timer of 15 minutes. Just show up Trina, I reminded myself. Then I wrote. I published. I didn't look back. 

Interestingly enough, I find that this process - worrying more about the action than actually completing the action- often describes me in life, not just as a writer. I worry more about the act of doing something than actually doing it. This just slows me down and can be unhealthy. 

Friends, I realize that I mostly need to focus on showing up as my best self, no matter the situation. 

In the end, I celebrate that I showed up as a writer for the month of December. For now, this is enough for me. 

Who will read? Who will/
judge? Anxiety hinders/
action.        Just show up. 

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  1. Keep showing up! Celebrating writing and showing up with you!

  2. Woo hoo! Writing every day during a month is cause to celebrate, but writing a haiku every day during December is a huge accomplishement. Happy dance, my friend! Sorry I've missed reading most of them. I love your idea of setting the timer for 15 minutes and just doing it.

  3. Going into the Haiku-a-Day challenge I expected readership to be low, so I knew I had to approach the task as though writing a journal and not worry about the stats. I did, however, ask the questions you pose in your haiku. I also thought about what to write about and found myself jotting notes throughout the day. I now have haiku I didn’t publish; most of those are political. That said, I do struggle w/ coming to grips w/ the silence implied in the absence of comments, but often someone will reach out privately and remind me they’re reading. I just keep telling myself I have no right to expect anything of others when it comes to whether or not someone responds to my posts.

  4. Anxiety hinders action - truth. The thinking always takes me longer than the writing. I once read that a person staring off into space is a writer at work - truth again (for me, anyway!). Write to please YOU.


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