Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Haiku-A-Day December Challenge #3 Slice of Life Mash-Up: Three Daily Pages

For the last three years, I've intentionally spent time writing and sharing a Haiku-A-Day for the month of December. The first two years I exchanged a daily Haiku privately with willing friends, mostly through text and email. Last year I wrote and shared each Haiku on my blogThroughout this process, I've discovered that the practice of noticing and reflecting through writing a Haiku grounds me, provides with with a certain kind of peace, assists me with better practicing gratitude, and helps me better navigate this "hurry up" world. This year my goal is the same as last year: to pen and publish a daily Haiku on my blog throughout December. 

Haiku-A-Day December Challenge #3
Slice of Life Mash-Up: 
Three Daily Pages

Several years ago I began carving out specific, daily time to write. Not just to complete a paper for graduate school or to write an example to use for teaching. This writing was only for me. I set a goal for myself to write three daily pages in my notebook. 

This summer I dug through some of my past writing notebooks. As I reread pages, I noticed patterns of my behavior and reactions to events. I marveled at how I grew as a writer and as a human. I generated new questions about myself. In retrospect, circling back to my writing gave me clarity about some difficult decisions I faced. 

I began writing in this notebook (see below) in early October. I'm approaching the last few pages, so I am excited to begin a fresh notebook soon. Ultimately, I'm grateful I got into a daily writing habit. I try to remember how my writing has helped me grow whenever I don't feel "in the mood" to write. 

Three daily pages - /
my ongoing writing goal./ 
Nearly full notebook.

Daily writing remains my goal, my fuel for growing.

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  1. I love that you not only grew as a writer, but also as a human. Writing matters so much. And here's to a new notebook! Sounds like you'll be needing one soon!

  2. I love a new notebook! I just started one the other day and I am loving the fresh start! Thanks for sharing your experience.


  3. A wonderful reminder that writing well and growing as a writer require daily practice and intention. Love the haiku. It’s motivating me to recommit to my daily writing habit.

  4. I love that you have set aside time daily - and that you are able to see your own growth through your writing. This is a goal of mine, this daily writing, and not one that I have achieved yet. Your haiku, your reflection, they make me think that this might be possible for me, too. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a great, artistic challenge - I am imagining your sense of fulfillment each day, maybe even especially on those when you are "not in the mood" because you write anyway. The self-reflection is vital to the writer - and the human being. Lots of fuel here for us, too!


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